A re-brand and few small collateral pieces for a great all-American small business. 





This is one of those ideas I've had in my back pocket for a while now. Luckily the right oppportunity finally came in June for a magazine spread and a BestBuy promotion. Copywriter- Kirby Michael. 










I was recently tasked with designing new business cards for LifeProof. It was time to put away the playful lenticular printing style and work toward developing a more sophisticated looking card. My design incorporates soft-touch paper, a foil treatment, nice typography and silver gilding which now adequately represents the premium products and people of LifeProof.

Given our fast-paced, highly competitive industry, I did some extra research and found a way to present our VPs with an upgraded version of the card. Using the same NFC technology that allows smart phones to make purchases, this pretty card is now a smarter and more useful tool. With the upgrade, these cards can be internally programmed to launch a website, social network, video (etc) by simply taping the screen of any NFC enabled device. Card chips are editable online so our VPs have the freedom to change the destination from a places like LinkedIn, to the companies' latest video in just a few minutes.





One of the best things about working in this industry is having opportunities to collaborate with talented creatives. In this instance, I was very fortunate to work with Mike Campau, someone I've admired for a long time. 

The Goal: Make something great that will remain relevant for at least 3 years. 

Since LifeProof is a young start-up still defining its' self within the tech market, it's crucial to convey the companies' key brand message, "Go everywhere - Do anything." Since the van travels all over the country to mostly active events, I worked with Mike to illustrate a dynamic scene based around our identity mark while highlighting user scenarios targeted towards adventurous and outdoorsy people. 

The Result: A highly engaging piece of art easily applicable to other marketing materials.

*See more of Campau's work on his website: www.mikecampau.com





I'm very proud to have my work for the CREATURE website honored in Buisness Insider. Read the full article here: http://read.bi/Ipwueg




It feel's great to run across a project I pitched with fellow SD Vitro creatives months ago and find out it's won an award. FWA is quite an honor and it's owed to creatives all over the world including Vitro NYC and Kokokaka. Below is a copy of one of the sections of the site I was responsible for (image A) and image, "B," contains the art finished in Sweden and digitally produced in New York City. 



Also because train rides in Europe are sometimes long and require entertainment. Trap a Software Engineer and a Graphic Designer together in a small compartment… these kinds of things just sort of happen. Max Retter (the engineer) came up with the code and had a rough version of the card game, "Kings," on his laptop within a few minutes. After a round one I was eager to volunteer my time to design it. 

I thought it might be more interesting omit the cards and give it a punk rock look inspired by my new friend Max. We agreed it would be more fun to include some inside jokes from the office so please excuse those, but do enjoy the free game on iTunes:  




The, "GOLME Alpha Urban Pac," a project I designed in March has just arrived! This fully functional backpack deploys a street goal making it even easier for soccer enthusiasts to, "Bring the game." The Urban Pac is the first of it's kind and a smart extension of the products this award-winning company has already created.

Buy your own (soon) from www.golme.com. 




Graphic Design is at the intersection of art and business. Designers are lucky to have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with fantastic and diverse people across many industries. In the United States I've had the privilege of working with small business owners, international corporations, scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians and even philanthropists. Recently I was very fortunate to meet Alexander Jungmeister, a well known pioneer of data visualization and current CEO of the Business Law Institute at the University of Lucerne. Managing Director Jonathan Glicksberg and I had a great discussion with him in this stunning faculty meeting room on the university campus about the new website we're working on for him here at ICON Worldwide, Switzerland.





Winter Getaway Blend- A promotion developed specifically to stimulate sales in the though Jan-Feb post holiday market. We’re selling more than a coffee, we’re offering an experience that will transport consumers to the summer months they’re already wishing for. To kick off the sweepstakes, Dave Tylor tasked me and fellow Designer Simson Chantha to begin with a limited edition coffee bag. The goal: combine a winter escape with summer bliss... and coffee flavor cues, into one seamless visual. Special credit goes out to Illustrator Don Clark whom Creature (US) hired to bring his award-winning style to the idea and design. 





I’ve been working at creative shops that go above and beyond on behalf of their clients for several years now. Last week was the first I have ever had the dishonor of earning a mere mortal 40. So, with all this crazy free time I thought it would be fun to create actual AD Merit Badges.  



P.F. Chang’s is sponsoring the Arizona Rock’N’Roll Marathon and Half Marathon this weekend. As an added bonus for the racers they asked Vitro San Diego to create a Facebook APP for the racers that would automatically post a racers pre-determined status updates as they passed key points in the race. Our job (Elliott Allen, CD and Carol Holsinger, Writer and I) as creative's was to find a way to connect the well-known restaurant’s New Year promotion to a the marathon. See our solution below.  




As a special project we did a limited run of these fun little christmas cards. I took the Alaska Communications icon and used it to create three holiday characters for the front of the card. Each character had a special foil emboss a a die-cut so that they could be a nice keepsake used for holiday decoration. Special credit to Mike Brower, the Design Director at Vitro, for coming up with the idea for them to be ornaments.




Just a little holiday cheer created for our client to give as a thank you to their customers.

Generating the typography in this was especially fun and challenging. It took around 10 layers along with some nifty illustration to set, "Happy Holidays," in this environment sucessfully.





America's favorite import is currently a client of Vitro. A few moths ago while Vitro was generating ideas for the 2012 add campaign, it came to light that the brand may be interested in updating their packaging to better appeal to their target market. Over the course of several weeks I explored may many options that would fulfill the brand's needs. The final round presented included two variations of where the brand could go. The first, and my personal favorite shown below, takes key visual elements from the old brand but is a much more simple and iconic expression of the brand. 

*A corresponding suite of bottles, 6 packs, 12 packs and cases were also generated (they will be up shortly in a new portfolio category).





For a designer, this particular season can get started up to a year in advance. Last July I had the opportunity to take over the Seattle's Best Coffee's 2011 Campaign that my good friend and coeworker Simson Chantha started all the way in December with some fantastic holiday bags and cups (http://www.behance.net/gallery/Seattles-Best-Coffee-Holiday-2011/2645409) I first was asked to generate a standard way to handle the menu that felt more easy to take in. The client's second biggest ask was for us to make a hero shot of their three holiday drinks that would be implemented in almost all of the remainder holiday promotional material. After concepting a general layout and getting client approval I put together a shot list and we got right over to David Clugston's large photo studio where he took the amazing shots seen in context below. 

Full Menu Shot

I have to say, staring at this off-and-on over the course of several weeks inspired a healthy caffeine overload. Results of the consumer response are still being generated, but I hope to add them in soon.





Sunday I begin my 1,224 mile road trip/move to Del Mar, CA. My first major stop is at my parent's house in a little town called Reno (you may know it from a 6 year documentary on Comedy Central).

This is the first in a series of postcards I will be making along the way.  





In this industry there's a lot of solid work that ends up in limbo for one reason or another. This is one of those projects I was especially interested in seeing through. While it's not rare at Creature to come across a project with conceptually and visually exceptional work, this one stands out as having undeniable potential. 

My Role: Designer responsible for developing and executing all selected visual directions for this pitch.

Conceptual Genius: Adam Deer: Art Director, Patrick Horn: Associate Creative Director & Jullian Timberlake: Writer



CAUGHT ON TAPE: A Few of My Favorite Creature Moments

I was lucky enough to take part in Creature's very first music video. We shot the entire thing in our large conference room at the old 10th Ave office. I had the privilege of coming up with all of the photography and art that fills the frames on the wall in the video (including the big red swirl).

The main credit goes to Art Director Kristi Flango, Creative Director/ Design Director Steve Cullen, Writer Sarah Bergy, Video Producer Olin Padilla and Producer Kaylin Fitzpatric.


I will never forget The Bonfire Sessions. It was one of those fantastic and perfect evenings for both the client and participants alike. The setting, an ultra secret music retreat in Woodinville Washington.

My Role: Server of hot dogs, smores, beer and tamer of uneasy hosts. 


Featuring the extreemly gifted Eric Larkin. A talented Art Director and musician. He left us with this fantastic song that to this day perfectly describes the, "Hipster," culture of Creature and its' Capitol Hill home.



SEATTLE'S BEST COFFEE: Core Merchandise 

I went to Seattle's Best the other day hoping to see the core mugs I designed with my friends/colleagues Yumico Menikoff and Shawn Diaz. I was extremely happy to see how well they turned out and ended up purchasing the three levels cups I needed to complete my home set.

My Role: Evolve the overall visual concept based on client feedback and Design Direction from Steve Cullen. Responsible for final look and feel as well as the patterns used on the teal and red mugs.