CREATURE Co-Founders Jim Haven and Matt Peterson asked me to redesign the agency website. They liked the vintage feel and humor in the current site, but wanted something more user friendly and easy to update. Enjoy the real thing at www.welcometocreature.com



When visitors land on the home page we thought it might be nice to welcome them with a fun typographic animation along with a seemingly warm crackling fire.




It's polite to say thank you when someone sends a letter. What better way for CREATURE to show appreciation than with flowers.


A biography page featuring some of our fearless CREATURE leaders. Including my favorite CREATURE, "The Founder," whom quetly sets the tone for the type of Agency CREATURE is the moment you walk through the doors. 


A classic manilla envelope containing some of our latest and greatest clients. Clicking on any active logo icon will take you to a portfolio page as shown below.




Above is my favorite blog header. It's a tribute to the overwhelming ammount of ironic cats that have recently taken over office desks and even a OOH piece for Sherry wine. See what Matt and Jim actually chose as the final CREATURE blog banner on the live website. 

This is a composite of the original, "Inside CREATURE," section. Every object reveals a story and even the radio plays the music the Designers are currently listining to in the studio.